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School Policies

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School self-evaluation (SSE) is a collaborative, reflective process of internal school review. It provides teachers with a means of systematically looking at how they teach and how pupils learn and helps schools and teachers to improve outcomes for learners.

Using the School Self Evaluation process, we have identified Assessment for Learning as the area where improvements can be made in teaching and learning in our school. Considering the recent changes in how we assess our students in the new Junior Cycle, and the focus on feedback, we have decided to centre our initiative specifically on how teachers give feedback to students following assessments.

We are currently trialling an assessment cover sheet.

1. This sheet offers the students the opportunity to communicate with their teacher both before and after the assessment.

2. In line with educational research, the teacher feedback will include comments on what went well in the assessment and how the student can improve.

3. This cover sheet also aims to give parents ongoing information on student progress. We would like parents/guardians to sign the cover sheet and there is also an opportunity to comment should the need arise.

In April 2019 we will be surveying students, parents and teachers to gather feedback on the effectiveness of this initiative. If it proves beneficial, we will continue to use the cover sheet as part of our assessment feedback.



Junior Certificate
Jumper: Red with school logo.
Pants: Colour – navy, only one style available.
Skirt: Colour – navy, Length: To top of the knee, only a short slit in centre back seam.

Shirt: White cotton shirt – no polo shirts allowed.
Tie: Navy

Jacket: Regatta reversible jacket/red with school crest.

Sixth Year Students 2013

Leaving Certificate(Senior Cycle)
Jumper: Navy, with school logo, and red neckband stripe.
Pants: Colour: navy, only one style available.
Skirt : Colour: navy. Length: To top of the knee, only a short slit in centre back seam.
Shirt: White cotton shirt – no polo shirts allowed.
Tie: Navy/red/striped
Jacket: regatta reversible jacket/red with school crest.

PE Tracksuit is now available for Junior & Senior students.


The school operates a Book Rental Scheme for Junior & Senior students. Holders of Medical Cards are entitled to a 10% discount.

Ist Year Book List 2019

2nd year book list 2019-20

5th year book list 2019-2020

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