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Religion Department

Religion Department
It’s been a busy 1st term this year beginning with our 6th yrs planning and delivering a very successful Nano 300 Peer Retreat with our 1st years.

Next came an opportunity for the 6th yrs to take a timeout for themselves as they enjoyed their own retreat in Raheen House.
This was closely followed by the 3rd years organising a prayer service for the Presentation Sisters for Presentation day on the 21st November. They were joined on the day by the 5th year music class, President and joint Vice-Presidents of our Student Council as well as the 1st years and we got an opportunity to take a “Selfie with the Sisters.”

Pres Day
Our 6th years visited the Presentation Sisters in the convent for afternoon tea.  Every year, the Presentation Sisters adopts of one of the Sixth years and prays for them on a daily basis.

On the 7th December we were joined by Catriona Delaney, who has co-written “Nano Nagle, The Life and Legacy” and Anne Dwyer, our retired Deputy-Principal, in her new role in the organization “Friends of Nano” and they presented their interesting work to a variety of classes across the school body.

Nano Visit 300 3

Advent & preparing for Christmas in Pres Clonmel

Medieval Carols
Christmas was officially been launched at the Pres on Friday Dec 7th.
We would like to thank Eamon and Roisin of Tonos who came to do a workshop and concert with our very talented 5th year music students . This was supported by Tipperary Arts Office.
The lunchtime concert “Wintersong” took place in our Basement theatre and was a great success. The 5th years sang a number of Medieval Carols during the performance. Thank you also to the 2nd and 3rd students and JCSP students for their beautiful festive decoration of the performing space.