Parents Newsletter and Signing in or out protocols

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Parents Newsletter and Signing in or out protocols

Dear Parent/Guardian,

We would like to continue to update you on our plans for returning safely to school this year. As stated in our letter on August 10th, we are extremely grateful to our students, you as parents and our staff in making great efforts to engage so positively during school closure. We want to keep you regularly updated about our plans for the coming weeks. The first three weeks of the school year has now been completed. It has gone extremely well, and it was great to have all our students back in the Pres. Students have embraced the changes to our school really well and it is nice to have the energy of youth back in the school.

The day to day experience of school will in the short term seem very unfamiliar but I am sure in time we will all adjust.

I wish to acknowledge the maturity and co-operation shown by students and you as parent/guardian should be very proud of your daughter.


Please take some time to read the following guidelines regarding the ongoing developments in our school.


Board of Management Reps.

Denis Holland & Gary Moore


On behalf of the school, we would like to thank Denis & Gary for representing our parents on the Board of Management for the last three years.

A new Board will be in operation from October 16th   2020,  so we are looking for two parents to represent the parents on the board. If we have more than two nominees, an election will take place.

We have attached a link for the nomination form for the Board below. A nominee must get a proposer and seconder.

Nomination for Board of Management Form Click link to  download and print form.

 Please return Nomination forms to our school office by Friday 25th September 2020.

Please be advised of the following new protocols for signing in and out from school:



If your daughter is unwell in school, the teacher will send her to reception and we will contact home.  When you come to collect her please ring us on 052-6123587 from outside and we will send her out to you.  Your daughter is NOT to contact you directly please ask her to inform her teacher that she is unwell and of her symptoms so that she will be in one of the sick rooms when you arrive for her.



If possible, book all appointments outside of school hours.  We understand that this is not always possible so please be aware that Students can only sign out at break-time (10.50 to 11.05) or lunchtime (1.05 to 2.00).  ie.

  • If an appointment is before 11 a.m., please ring the school to inform us that your daughter will be late but please do not send her into school until after the appointment.
  • If an appointment is after 11 please collect your daughter at break-time 10.50 to 11.05.
  • If an appointment is after lunch please collect at lunchtime, 1.05 to 2.00.

All students can sign in straight after appointments regardless of the time. 



Parents can only come into the school if they have a prior arranged appointment.


Again, we would like to thank you for your co-operation and support over the last few weeks. We can reassure you that our plans are in place to help your daughter to attend school on a full time basis.


Michael O’Loughlin                                      Roisin Hennessy

Principal                                                         Deputy-Principal