Jan-Feb 2021 News

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Jan-Feb 2021 News

January/February 2021 – News Article  

Abbott Clonmel/Presentation Secondary School Clonmel Schools Partnership Programme 

 As a part of our School Partnership with Abbott Clonmel, Roisin Nolan (Leaving Cert 2019) and Ella Traas (Leaving Cert 2020) were awarded Engineering scholarships for their Leaving Cert results in STEM Subjects. Roisin is studying Engineering in CIT Cork and Ella is studying Engineering in UCD. 

Diarmuid Meagher and Sinead O’Neill representing Abbott Clonmel presented the scholarships to Ella and Roisin at Presentation Secondary School Clonmel. Mr O’Loughlin (Principal) thanked Abbott Clonmel for their generous scholarships and were delighted to be a part of the School Partnership Programme with Abbott Clonmel. 

It is the objective of Presentation Clonmel and Abbott Clonmel to encourage girls to study more STEM subjects and look at careers in the STEM areas. The School Partnership Programme allows for the possibilities for increasing engagement in this field. 


Sunday Morning Cooking with Ms O’ Loughlin 

Sunday mornings have become our favourite morning here in the Presentation. Home Economics teacher Ms O’ Loughlin kindly uploads a cooking tutorial on the Pres Home Ec page every Sunday morning. From delicious pancakes to healthy porridge, Sunday morning cooking invites all members of the Pres community to join in and cook along.  



Meals for all the Family: Home Economics News 

Ms. Walsh’s 2nd year Home Ec students cooked up an amazing meal for their families on Jan 14th. Under Ms Walsh’s instruction the students cooked from the socially distant safety of their own kitchens creating an incredible Spaghetti Bolognese for everyone to enjoy. This wonderful meal reminds us that education is not limited to the classroom!  


Chocolate Cakes from the Home Ec Department 

Students treated their families to delicious chocolate cakes under the watchful eye of Ms Walsh during our remote learning term.  



Ms Williams’ 2nd year students learned about the importance of delivering information through various text sources. They used both images and written text to communicate information on a variety of topics.  


Photography Competition 

We are huge advocates of physical and mental wellbeing. So, we have decided to add a little bit of competition to our workouts! Students are engaging in a Photography Competition whereby they take a picture while on their walks/workouts, caption it and send it in to us! 


Science Department News 

Ms. Kennedy’s 3rd year Science class learned how to rewire a plug this term. So important to hone those life skills and apply what we learn in school to everyday jobs. Great work everyone! 


2nd English Advertising  

2nd Year students demonstrated their advertising skills by creating beautiful posters to raise awareness for the Presentation Mental Health week in association with the “Pres Goes Amber” committee.  

Junk Koture 

“Imperium” designed by Victoria Canty, Ellen O’ Gorman and Saoirse McCarra won the ‘Glamour Award’ at last week’s Junk Koture final. Art teachers Mrs. Fennell and Ms. Murphy expressed how proud they were of all the students involved in the competition and offered their congratulations to the winning team.  

Catholic Schools Week 

As part of Catholic Schools Week, Ms. Keane asked the students what it means to them to attend a Catholic School. Take a look at some of their responses. While some of our students are not religious or from different denominations, their responses show how the Presentation ethos extends beyond the traditional interpretation of ‘religion’. Some of the key words they came up with include: Respect. Understanding. Acceptance. Opportunity. Mindfulness. Wellbeing. Gratitude. Kindness. Positivity. Charity. Honesty. Perseverance. Determination. 


“La Chandeleur (Candlemas) 

“La Chandeleur (Candlemas) is celebrated in France today and it is customary to eat lots of crêpes! Our language assistant, Ms Lesaint, has kindly shared her recipe with you … bon appétit!”  


TY NEWS- Presentation Secondary School Clonmel 

While the TYs are not having the year they anticipated, they are stepping up to the challenges of online teaching and learning. During lockdown they have completed projects in several different subjects, took part in weekly challenges such as Come Dine with TY, The Cupcake Challenge, The Sunrise Challenge and Gratefulness Challenge just to mention a few. Along with virtual classes with their teachers they have completed the following workshops: Law Ed Workshop, Personal Safety and Health Fest. Next term they will take part in the LGFA referring and coaching courses, The Mini Med Programme, The Look into Law Programme, Driver Ed Programme, Rayse The Game and take part in the SOAR workshop. 


Amber Flag  

The Amber Flag committee has been very busy in recent weeks. At the end of last term our notice board got a fabulous face lift by our students. The Committee has had a great time planning our Mental Health Week. Each day saw students, parents and staff getting involved in all the various activities. We had a lovely relaxing start on Monday with a guided mediation at lunchtime. This was followed closely by our Tik Tok Tuesday where we saw some very creative and fun videos. Wednesday brought us to think about how we look after our wellbeing when things get tough. Thoughtful Thursday helped us to create a virtual notice board with inspiring quotes on our newly launched Instagram page. And Fun Friday brought us to the end of the week with a wonderful live cook along with Mrs O’Loughlin and her very special guests. 


Religion Department News  

Since returning to online learning after Christmas we have been very busy as a religion department.  

As a department we have been focusing our attention to checking in on students and encouraging them to have a little chat and talk about how they are feeling and finding the virtual learning. We are incorporating a wide range of stress management and relaxation techniques like meditation, journaling and focusing on what students are grateful for. 

On February 1st we welcomed the arrival of Spring and the start of a new season by learning all about St Brigid. We encouraged the students to take part in active learning at home by making a St Brigid’s day cross and send us in their pictures. 

Catholic Schools’ week took place the last week of January where the students really focused on what it means to be a part of this wide community. The girls were asked to reflect on what it means to them to go to a Catholic school. They highlighted that they loved learning about other beliefs and cultures. They also felt values like respect and kindness were particularly promoted in our school as well as living out your Catholic education through the Golden Rule, treat other how you want to be treated.  

Although we will be on Midterm Lent takes place next week. Lent is the preparation period which comes before Easter. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter.