Easter Message

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Easter Message

Dear Parents/Guardians/Students,

Since Thursday March 12th 2020, the delivery of teaching and learning in our education system has changed dramatically in these extraordinary times. We want to acknowledge the huge work that our teachers and students have undertaken to engage on our Microsoft Teams platform. Our role at this present time is to ensure all our students are supported in a planned and consistent way to continue their learning. Our Year heads & our school counsellors have set up structures so our girls can contact them regards any personal or pastoral care issues.

As we head into our Easter holidays, our teachers will be going offline until Monday 20th April. We have asked our teachers to recommend some reading or some video clips to watch for 1st, 2nd, TY’s & 5th years. Our Third and Sixth Years will receive a revision plan from their teachers for their subjects over the next weeks. Last night our Taoiseach Leo Varadakar has stated “that plans are being drawn up to ensure both Junior and Leaving Cert exams will go ahead”. Please leave the worry on the how & when to the State Examinations Commission. Our Junior Cert & Leaving Cert students need to concentrate on revising, engaging with your teachers on Microsoft teams and having a routine in your day that is working for you. Our role as a school is to support you. There are lots of challenges for us all at the moment, as Presentation community, we will rise together to meet those challenges. Our Religion Department has complied a beautiful Easter Reflection which is available on all our social platforms.

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In time, we will all look forward to the noise and laughter echoing through our corridors once again. Meanwhile, stay safe, take care and have a good Easter break. (Take it easy on the Easter eggs).


Mr O’Loughlin & Mrs Hennessy

(Principal & Deputy-Principal)

“Keep something beautiful in your heart to survive these difficult times”.