Guidance and Counselling

It is the policy of the school to provide a Guidance programme which caters in so far as possible for the career, educational and personal/social needs of its students.  We are very fortunate to have a Guidance Counsellor and a Student Counsellor.  The Counselling Team plays a key role in the provision of the following services:


Career Guidance: Services such as career counselling and activities such as class/group work, to assist decision-making related to choices of education and training courses, employment opportunities and job search skills.


Educational Guidance: Services such as educational counselling and activities such as class/group work to assist decision making related to subject choices, levels, motivation and learning, study skills and examination technique.


Personal and Social Guidance: Students can avail of one-to-one counselling to help them explore their thoughts and feelings about their present life situation, choices open to them and the consequences of each choice.  Referrals are facilitated where necessary to outside agencies.