WIT SciFest Competition

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WIT SciFest Competition

Great success for our school at WIT SciFest Competition

TY students Hannah De Longue and Caoimhe Woods succeeded in winning the chemistry award in the 2019 Sci Fest in WIT on the 1st of May with their project “Bubble Bottles” .Using the process of spherification and the reaction between two chemicals to encase a bubble of water in a semi-solid membrane. Basically a jelly-coated bubble of water! Hannah and Caoimhe were inspired to do this to eliminate the use of plastic to aid the environment.

Sci fest

Aimee Hennessy and Desiree McCarthy also won a merit award for their project on a pen with for barrels including a tippex slot, ”Tip-Pen” named for the use of correction fluid and aptly named because the school is located in Tipperary. Aimee and Desiree were inspired by the original 4-barrel Bic pen, and decided to remove the green coloured barrel as they discovered from surveys it was the least used pen and introduce a barrel of correction fluid, which was also made by the girls. The girls believe that the Tip-Pen would increase the interest that teenagers have in doing their homework as this is a new product that has never been seen before.

Also, well done to Ms Ryan who was awarded the teacher award for mentoring students with their projects and received this award from the Royal Society of Chemistry.